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What we do

We are focused on a very pragmatic modernist approach, intense contract documentation, and high speed response. We’ve distinguished ourselves with the projects we got built.

Improved Customer Service

BIZZCAT embraces the ideology to provide continual & uninterrupted support for all of or products.

Strong Security

A robust web application that that offers the best security for businesses & companies operating in a wide range of areas.

Extensive User Management

BIZZCAT is highly responsive thanks to the expert development team who are constantly striving to update the features in it.

Android Apps

BIZZCAT is also available as an Android application to carry your business work everywhere you go.

Dynamic Reports

Generate dynamic reports for your employee performance & sales report with various filters.

User-Wise Database Management

A central repository for all your client and business information makes it possible to analyse the history of professional interactions between clients & suppliers.

BizzCat CRM

Performance and analytics

The more your business grows, the more you need to know. Measure the performance of every sales activity, and break up quotas
into achievable targets with BizzCat reports, analytics, and forecasts.


Real-time reporting gives you insight into a variety of metrics such as sales trends, marketing campaigns, activity reports, and team performance.


Create dashboards, analyze trends, stay on top of your key performance indicators, and know where you stand on your targets.


Make more accurate forecasts. Predict future sales and measure them against current sales.


Customize standard modules, add additional functionalities, and make BizzCat CRM work the way you want it to do.
Custom Components
Customize the information you want to see inside BIZZCAT with custom modules, fields, and buttons.
Views and Filters
Personalize the way you see data inside BIZZCAT with custom views. Work efficiently with advanced filters.
Link records across multiple modules, and establish unique relationships between them.


Lead Management
Capture leads, automate lead scoring, identify the ones that will convert, and follow up with context.
Contact Management
Get real-time insights about your customers, engage with them and build strong relationships.
Deal Management
Close more deals in less time. Know what stage a deal is currently in, and seize every opportunity.



We keep your data secure.

Roles And Profiles

Assign roles for users, define permissions, and control access to information in BizzCat CRM.

Data Security

With comprehensive data security features, protect both your data and your customers' from unauthorized access.

We make sales & support unstoppable